Our story began when we realized what nature has been offering us for millions of years.
We saw, in its wisdom, the opportunity to transform the world, a desire that has accompanied us since childhood.
Nature has always been cyclic... 
Plant, animal, climatic systems... like an orchestra representing the music of life.
So how can an act of survival, like eating, leave so much negative impact behind?
In 2018, two friends came together with one purpose: Bringing nature's wisdom to our most essential needs. 
To co-create an ecosystem with innovative technology that will democratize sustainability. 
So growPack germinated.
The corn plant is our platform: "Source of life", as the Taínos natives called it. 
There were countless studies, tests, trips... 
a path of continuous evolution and transformation.
In 2019
We developed, tested and evaluated our technology in the lab. 
We created our first patent, won the #PlasticChallenge from UNDP.
We were named one of the most innovative projects in the MIT 100K LATAM.
In 2020, we integrated the technology with mass consumer customers and planned our pilot plant. 
We closed key partnerships in the value chain that will allow us to scale our impact!
Today we are building our team and pilot plant, and testing our first solutions on the market.


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Awards and Incubators

MIT $100KIncubate BAAccelerator 100+ProesusUNDPUnopsNAVES.

And gP has just started to germinate... So, lets grow together?

From plants,
to people,
to plants.